It’s Turkey Week

Who’s ready for some fubball and turkey?!?!? THIS GUY!

Oh, and maybe some of  you.

For now, we must squat on. I mean press on. Wait. Nope. I mean squat.

Bench Press
8 (55%) – 5 (60%) – 5 (65%) – 3 (70%) – 3 (75%) – 1+ (80%)

The 1+ at 80% is really ‘as many reps as possible’.

10 Overhead Squats @ 45% of 1RM
10 Ring Push Ups*

*For the ring push ups, if you are not able to do them at parallel with the rings, do ring rows instead.

Hope everyone got dug out from all the snow and has a safe week.

REMINDER: normal classes Tuesday (PM included). Thursday is a 9 AM only. Friday will offer a 9 AM as well (this is new!).


Thanksgiving Week Schedule

So many people doing so many fun things during the holiday break we will slightly modify our workout week.

Monday and Tuesday we will provide all of our regular opportunities for pain and suffering, or fun and frivolity, depending on your point of view.

Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, we will have one workout for everyone at 9am.

No classes on Friday. Sunday is at 9, as usual, and then it’s back to our regular schedule.

Make the most of your holiday time. Get out and enjoy your life.



Rest Day

Our Rest Days should include fun activities that reflect the place we live in. We are ready to move into our new season so we hope you all feel prepared.

As we transition from hiking, biking, running, climbing, and water sports, make the most of every opportunity you have to get out. Just make sure you’re prepared for the weather. It can get cold out here.

Get Some. Go Again.




Reps for endurance and durability. Good form ensures we move correctly and that we are better able to get through our days and nights, jobs and activities, sports and responsibilities and do more every day.

Five rounds for time:
20 box jumps
20 Push press 75/55

Good morning, 10×4

Get you some.



Another fun week for us

We are in the third week of our latest endurance phase. Why an endurance phase, you ask?

We have worked diligently over the previous 18 months to add max strength as part of our program. In an effort to use our max strength in our real world lives, adding endurance lifting to our quiver of athletic traits, we become more well rounded outdoor athletes, parents, emergency service professionals, and awesome people.

Remember the three aspects of strength: speed, max strength, and endurance. We focus on endurance for now. Embrace it.

Embrace the suck. Challenge yourself.