Rest Day

The weather is terrific. Get out and get some. It’s almost like summer is here. Don’t delay.

See you tomorrow.


Good one!

A little bit of post holiday fury!

Front squat 65/95
Pull ups

This workout from the main CrossFit site today. Enjoy….


Memorial Day

Thank a vet today. Honor them all.

Simply today:
Originally called Body Armor by Lt. Michael Murphy as a regular workout.
Run 1 mile
100 pull ups
200 push ups
300 squats
Run 1 mile

Wear a 20 pound weight vest…or more.


Sunday fun

2 person team
Each person does a sprint to the equipment, does 10 reps of the exercise and sprints back. Tags parter and they do the same. Repeat, so each person does two sets of ten of each exercise with sprints between each.

40 Burpee star jumps
40 American KB swings
40 Spiderman pushups
40 Ball Cleans
40 Sumo High Pulls
40 Sit ups
40 Russian KB swings

Then both team members do walking lunges to the log and do a log carry.

Rest Day

An interesting question. Because we live in paradise and have so many outdoor opportunities, do we really just sit around on days we don’t go to the gym? We’re biased, but, make sure you get out and enjoy where you live.

Many of us get super busy over the summer season and have less opportunity to make the most of our location. If this is you, grab a loved one and head out…before you get too busy.

We’ll be at the Park at 10am tomorrow. Be there.