2014 Spring Break Final Class Schedule

The final class schedule for the 2014 Spring Break week is set.

Monday, March 31 through Sunday, April 6
Monday, April 1. 6 am
Tuesday, April 2. 8:15 am*
Thursday, April 3. 6 am*
Thursday, April 3. 5:45 pm
Friday, April 4. 8:15 am*
Saturday, April 5. 9 am*
Sunday, April 6. 8 am*
Sunday, April 6. 9 am

* Smolov, Jr. bench press days

Note: there is one night class this week (Thursday, 5:45) because some woman who lives in my house is demanding that she be given a class at that time.

Regular class schedule resumes Monday, April 7.

See you there, if you’re not already out of town living it up!