A few exciting announcements

A few fun things to note before we get to our daily workout fun.

First, a promotion for October that anyone can take advantage of. Bring a new member and they receive $25 off their first month and so do you. Bring two friends and you get $50 off. Bring three…you guessed it, $25 times three. And so on. So, bring a friend and save a few bucks in addition to saving your friend a few bucks.

Second. Mid-month, we will begin a nutrition challenge that includes a reward of a free month for the winner. And if there is a tie? Mudwrasslin’ to solve it all. Stay tuned for details, but a few hints: you will score points for eating and working out. The challenge will be 28 days and be over by thanksgiving. And Halloween will be right in the middle of it all. Woohoo!

And for today:

Group warm up fun, followed by group mobility fun, followed by:
EMOM 10 minutes
7 burpees
Use the remaining part of the minute to perform as many double unders as possible.
Your score is the number of double unders.