What we did today!

A Whole New Program

Can you smell it yet?

During the next six weeks, we will be continue to be better looking, more prosperous, and generally better people by squatting and deadlifting, because that’s just what we do. However, you will note an endurance goal by the moderate weight and high reps of these exercises.

So don’t be afraid, just embrace it. We are preparing for the winter outdoor season that so many of us embrace “around these parts, here.” Embrace the suck.

Warm up
Sit ups
Push ups
Begin warming up to 65% Front Squat

Hip flexor on wall
Shoulders on bands

3×6 Front Squat at 65% of one rep max

Push ups
Double unders

Anyone else feel like their chesticles were going to lock up?

And in our Weightlifting class…We just continue to get sKronger on our march toward total world domination.

See you tomorrow.


Pfft! Rain won’t stop us!!!

We’ll just go to the gym, rather than the Park.

And what a Funday Sunday it was. Great energy and great fun for everyone who suffered a bit with all of us.

Press 8×4@80%

Then; as a three person team, rotate when all team members are complete with the current exercise.
Row 500/400
Wall ball 20/14
Box jumps 34/28

Such great energy today. And what a fun week we have upcoming. IMG_4008.JPG





Oof! My shoulders.

“My triceps don’t normally twitch when I ride my bike”.

This was heard this afternoon after the workout from this morning. Specifically, the presses from our current Press cycle. It will be three weeks and this is your first day. Better embrace it.

Get out there while the gettin’s good. Try some new things too. And never forget to have fun.

Press – 7×5 @75%

AMRAP 8 minutes
12 push ups
10 Russian KB swings 70/52
8 wall ball 20/14
6 ring dips



See you at the Park, Sunday morning for more fun.

Anna Martin, World Champion, 2014

Here we go, folks.

Anna will be here at our gym, Sunday, October 5 from 1-5 for an Olympic lifting seminar. Below is the video from the World Championships in Denmark where she won a gold medal in her weight category. We are bringing her in from Kansas City and she will be conducting a clinic in Telluride on Saturday, and here on Sunday.

Don’t miss this. You will be a better athlete.

Anna was passing through this summer and caught a few workouts during her vacation. Craig and Joanie worked with her just briefly and were super impressed by how much they learned.

Here is a little info from Anna about who she is…
“I have been an Olympic-style Weightlifting since age 14 and have been lifting for 20 years. I placed in the top three at every National Championships and American Open from 2001 to 2006, and won the Collegiate National Champion in 2005. In 2006 I was ranked number 11 in the US.

I lifted for the United States in Mexico City and Guatemala City and placed 2nd place in Mexico City’s Olympic Festival. In 2004 I was the first alternate to the Olympic Trials and in 2006 I lifted in the World Team Trials. My all time best lifts are 80kg (176lbs) Snatch and 105kg (231lbs) Clean and Jerk.

As a coach, I was able to coach at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and Marquette, MI. I then coached Team Wesley in St. Joseph, MO for a year. I had 8 School-age National Champions and one girl that qualified for an International Weightlifting meet. Since then I have started my own team and have had over 30 National Champions and many best lifters. In 2008, I was named AAU Coach of the Year and was invited to coach the School-age Christmas camp and the head women’s coach that was held in Colorado Springs. More recently I was invited to Colorado Springs again to coach the School-age camp in March and April.

In June I won the 2014 Master Pan American Championships. And the first of September, I won the 2014 Master’s World Championships in Copenhagen, Denmark.”

See, we told you she was BadAss. Don’t miss this opportunity to train and be coached by a World Champ, right here in Ouray.


Rest Day

You may be a bit sore from yesterday’s one rep max festival. Move around a bit today and look forward to more entertaining and worthwhile workouts.

The mountain weather has been beautiful during the past week and the fall colors are in full flight. Get out there and enjoy it.


If you wonder what a 221 pound HBBS looks like…see the smiles and happiness below. Great job, JaQueen, on your new PR, as unexpected as it was.