What we did today!


Sundays are so much fun!!!

The crappy weather didn’t matter today because we had visitors, old friends, friends who are old, and our tough regulars.

And while examining the group for the workout of the day, Joanie noted she had already been thinking of something. So, not one to cross “The Joanie,” we did the following:

Three rounds for time:
3 handstand push ups
6 C2B pull ups
9 burpees
12 American kb swings, 52/36
15 ball slams 20/12
50 double unders

Get you some!!! And plan on some PR’s this week. Woohoo!!!

And two folks got handstand push ups today, thanks to Joanie, the greatest coach in the world.




Yes, it’s been tough

Yes know it’s tough when you get a group text after the six am class fri one of our happy athletes and within the body of the texts are some of the following gems: “I don’t think you know how hard today is,” and today, my internal organs are on the outside,” ” Asshole,” and finally, ” I still hate you ;)”.

Yes, in fact it was as tough a week as we intended. This is week three of a build, and next week backs off a bit. Embrace the suck.

We’re proud of everyone learning and suffering along with our team.

HBBS 4×15 at 45% of 1rm

Four rounds for time
10 power cleans 95/65
20 wall ball 20/14
30 mountain climbers
40 double unders





The Catch Up Post and a New Enemy

After our weekend of Olympic Lifting awesomeness, we have been pretty wiped out and slow to blog. So much new information to process … it’s hard but oh-so-fun! Here’s a catch-up of the week that were and remember that if you’re upset about today’s workout, blame Joanie. Can’t believe she made you all do Thrusters and Toes to Bar. Evil. Just evil.

Olympic Lifting
Smolov, Jr.
Week 3, Day 3
8x 4 @ 80%

Strength  & Conditioning
9 Minute AMRAP
6 Pull Ups
6 Plyo Push Ups
9 Leg Levers
9 Box Jumps 24″/20″

Smolov, Jr.
Week 3, Day 4
10x 3 @ 85%

10 Minute EMOM
6 Sumo Deadlifts @ 45% of 1RM
6 Burpees

Olympic Lifting
Warm Up
3x 3 Squat to Press
3x 3 Clean Pull Unders
3x 3 1 Clean High Pull -> 1 Hang Clean

Clean Drills
Clean Pulls
Clean High Pulls
Romanian Deadlift -> Hang Clean

Jerk Drills
Jerk from Eyes
Press in Split Jerk

Strength  & Conditioning
Thrusters 95 lb./65 lb.
Toes to Bar

Rest 3 minutes

200 meter row
25 Russian Kettle Bell Swings 71/53

Still pissed off about the Thrusters and Toes to Bar? No problem … just be like Nike. Nike don’t care. Nike got things to do.

Nike Don't Care!

Cutest. Puppy. Ever.


Anna Martin

If you missed it…you really missed out. Between here and folks in Telluride, Gunnison, and Crested Butte, we learned a ton about skills and drills, and we were able to practice lots of reps.

We learned as athletes and coaches. Leave it to Dusty Lee to make a statement. He found something called Snatch Shorts and had to show them to everyone. Ouch, my eyes!!!

Thanks for all of the great coaching and and training, Anna. Come visit soon. IMG_4149.JPG