What we did today!


This is where the hard work happens…

Inside this door. Inside this building.


With a bunch of great people.

Today is a rest day from the gym, for most of us, but what for what are you preparing. An event? An activity? A job? Life?

It’s easy to lose focus on our objectives, sometimes, and when we do, a meandering happens. Aimlessness.

Tomorrow, we benchpress, heavy. A one rep max attempt, most likely, PR’s will result. During the previous three weeks, our focus has been the benchpress with a goal of moving more weight than previously moved.

And next, we focus on our nutrition. Eating according to a specific program with the goal of…what? Better health? Lighter weight? Looking better naked?

Only you know. The more clearly you define your objective, the more likely you will meet your goal. The more likely you will achieve the impossible. What is possible? Lots of things.

Remember, there was a day when flying was impossible.

What are your goals?







Down and back pike to hollow walk
Down and back seal walks
Hip flexor on the wall

Bent over row, 7×3 at 80%+

Row 1000, 50 thrusters 45/35, 30 pull ups

Wow, that was fun. No, really, that was fun. It may have hurt, but it was most entertaining. Especially for Lindsay, “now why would you make us do that?” Hepp.

Because we can.


The Final Smovlov, and some rest?

Sunday morning, Easter Sunday morning, we had a small group do the final workout of our benchpress progression. And it was FUN! After all, it was the last workout.

This week we will recover a bit, and then get ourselves a one rep max attempt…Thursday. Don’t miss it. You’ll be sorry.

Today, however got gymnastical and Olympical.

Warm up
3 x 30/30 superman holds
Then: Tabata superman rocks

Whew, that was difficult. More to come, for sure.

6×3 HBBS at 60% one rep max

Five rounds
5 power cleans 135/95
50 double unders

Oh what fun it has been. And guess what…more to follow, all week long.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES




kettle bell

Sweet!!! Benching and Nutrition!!!

We had a room full of folks, 13, this morning to bench press, Day 3 of Week three of our Smolov, Jr. program It was 80% plus 5-10 for most everyone and all reps were gotten. Good job, folks. Remember that tomorrow, Sunday is Easter and we will only have a Benchpress session at 8am. No regularly scheduled class at 9…If you show up at 9, you will have missed it.

Nutrition program

Here we go. It’s simple. If at any time during the challenge you have a question, please ask. However, first, ask yourself if the question you are asking is complicated. If the answer is yes, or you must convince yourself that the answer is yes, you probably don’t even need to ask the question.

This program is Tim Ferriss’s slow carb type diet, and there is a link below to give you more information. These three things are important for us at the gym.

First. This program is SIMPLE. Don’t make it complicated. Several at the meeting this morning tried to complicate things and our simple answer was a question back to the asker, “is that simple or does it meet the four rules listed below.” Each time, the asker was trying to overcomplicate this simple program.

Second. The dates are Monday, May 5 through Friday May 30. Again, this is simple.

Third. If you want a real result, be as strict as you can and go see Jason Bojar for a body composition test before and after the challenge. And take a picture before and after the challenge period. Call Jason’s office at 626-7137 and make an appointment during the week of April 28-May 2.

Don’t start the challenge before May 5, and don’t see Jason before April 28 as you will skew your results. PERIOD.

Don’t focus on the scale. It is a bad metric for all of us. We are concerned with body comp transformation, not weight on the scale. Simply put, you will lose fat and likely gain muscle during this challenge. Basing your success on just the scale will not tell the story of your body composition. If we hear you complain about your weight during the challenge, and you have not had a body comp test done, we will bash you about the head and shoulders with a PVC pipe. No exceptions will be given for this error on your part.

The four rules

Rule 1. Avoid white carbs. If you must have a white carb or two, only do so within 1.5 hours of finishing a workout lasting more than 20 minutes. We are suggesting you only do this, if you must, on days on which the met-con lasts longer than 20 minutes. If you have a question because this rule isn’t clear, you didn’t keep it simple and you should disregard your question and read the rule again so you may govern yourself accordingly.

Rule 2. Eat the same few meals over and over again. Each meal will consist of a protein, a vegetable, and a legume (that’s right, beans). Eat as much as you want. Read the article via the link below and do exactly what it says. If you have a question about a smoothie or a bean, refer to our first point above regarding how SIMPLE this is and govern yourself accordingly. Drink a glass of red wine at the end of the day. If anyone doesn’t want their red wine, Joanie graciously volunteered to have yours for you. See Joanie to make this donation.

Rule 3. Don’t drink your calories. Drink lots of water. Don’t drink milk, juice, or sodas. If you have a question about this, you have made it not SIMPLE.

Rule 4. Take one day off each week. Try and make it the same day each week and go nuts. Eat all of the things you crave or think you want. Make yourself sick on overindulging if you must, but definitely have a cheat day.

This program works if you keep it SIMPLE and follow the rules. Joanie pointed out this morning that a cousin of hers who is a firefighter lost 50 pounds, and he wasn’t an inactive fatass at the beginning. There is more evidence that it works. Do it. Follow the rules. Keep it SIMPLE.

The only question now is, “who will as the first complicated question and earn a dope slap?” Don’t let this be you.

Good luck to everyone who decides to participate. You can all do this, but will you all. We hope so, for your sake. After all, bikini season is right around the corner…are you ready?


It’s a fun week

The end of the week is here, and we are heading toward a fun weekend. A quick recap of what is coming up this Easter Weekend

Saturday 8am. Benchpress, week three, day three
8:45 Nutrition challenge meeting
Sunday 8am. Benchpress, week three, day four. This is the final session before we test our one rep max late next week. Regular class is cancelled at 9am.

Now that you know everything about where to be and when, off to recap Thursday and Friday.

Smolov, Jr, week three, day two
7×5 at 75% of one rep max plus 5-10 pounds.
50 burpees
50 American KB swings…
For Time. Woohoo.

One rep max Clean. Awesome job to everyone who got near an old PR, or even blasted through the old ones. Some folks moved up by 20 pounds. That’s huge! Great job, everyone.
75 pull ups
75 wall ball

Great finish to the week by everyone. We’ll see you tomorrow for an informational meeting about our fun nutrition challenge. We can’t wait!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES