What we did today!


Rest Day Antics

Make sure you get outside, before you can’t. School starts soon, fall is on it’s way, your playmates may have other work commitments.

Get out there. 20140806-184633-67593819.jpg


Just a little Olympic lifting

Warm up with a teaching session about the clean, focusing on where the bar explodes off of your thigh.

Find a 3rm of the high hang power clean, hang power clean, and clean from 2″ off the floor

100 double unders
20 T2B
30 thrusters 65/45
Rest two minutes




My squatter hates you

It warms my heart to hear this message. Not because it’s making people walk funny, but because someone overcame their fear of squatting heavy and did the reps they didn’t want to do. Congratulations on Killing your Inner Coward.

Thus, we squat. Simple, really.

Warm up
10 squats
10 goblet squats
10 squats with a bar

Sit in a squat for a minute
Couch stretch

Start squatting. Work up to 80%
HBBS 6×4 @80%

Benchpress. Work up to 80%
Benchpress 6×2 @80%

Strict pull ups 40
T2B 30
Russian KB swings 5020140804-183406-66846467.jpg


The Park

Park days are so much fun! Especially when we have our crib available to watch little people. Piper was our little people today and loved holding court while we worked out around her.

Five rounds:
15/12 push ups
20 squats
Run 200
Then: 50/40 sledgehammer hits.

It’s another week of getting sKrong as the end of summer is nearing. 20140804-044606-17166706.jpg


Six Years!!!

That’s correct. Jenny, aka Extra Credit and EC, has been coming to the gym for six years. Holy Moly! Never missed a month.

How awesome is that! Pretty effing cool, that’s how awesome.

And even more awesomer is how she celebrated this anniversary…by taking both of her kids up Stoney. Using her fitness for something useful, and passing on her love of the mountains to her tribe. Woohoo!!!

Congrats, Extra Credit, you help make us all better every day. 20140802-071800-26280672.jpg