What we did today!

Fight Gone Bad

A small but will crew this morning got everything they wanted and more.  And congrats to Keaton for enduring enjoying here first Fight Gone Bad.  It’s been a bit since we suffered in this workout, but it’s still awesome.

Three rounds for reps
One minute of each
Wall ball 20/14
SDLHP 75/45
Box jumps 20″
Push press 75/55
Row for calories

It was painful awesome today.  More fun coming this week, so don’t miss a second of it.

How Many Days per Week?

How many days per week should you workout to improve your fitness? The folks over at Beyond the Whiteboard have analyzed their data and provided some empirical information. BTWB is an online tracking tool for your workouts. We still prefer paper for this, but the folks over at BTWB have a lot of people participating with their tracking tools and it gives them access to a ton of data. They have put it to good use.

So, how many days should you workout? Depends on how quickly you want to improve. Surf over workout more? and give it a read. If you want improvement, you may find the answer is doing more workouts per week. Give it a read and evaluate your goals.

Enjoy the information.

Krypto, the SuperDog, from deep within the secret underground lair

World Domination

We continue our march toward World Domination today during our final week of this endurance cycle. Lots of reps, to be sure, but lots of reps to practice our form. More to come from our underground secret lair that will assist us all in our journey toward Winter Sports Season.

So, don’t be scared…ok, maybe a little, just get ready for more fun.

Olympic Warm up
250 KB Swings