What we did today!


Hello Kitty is a Beeotch

That shitty kitty spent all morning chasing poor Minnie around the gym trying to kill and eat her. Awful. Just awful.


This is why dogs rule … Pluto wouldn’t try this shit.

But, as usual, I digress.

Today was Max Effort on both the Bench Press and the High Bar Back Squat. Personally, I thought everyone did an amazing job today. Folks were hitting new PRs but, more importantly, everyone went after good, smart numbers and worked their tails off.

Great, great job you all!

Rest up and we’ll see you Thursday for some more, um, uh, fun. Yeah fun!

Someone looks way too happy having all that weight on her back!

You Can Smell The PRs Coming …

Can you feel it? All that power building up for tomorrow morning’s big go at a new Squat and Bench PR? Oh, yeah. It’s going to be awesome!

Before we squat and bench, however, we have some work to do … and it was some pretty fun work at that.


I don’t know … someone looks awfully happy for having all that weight on her back!

10 Wall Balls 20 lb./14 lb.
10 American Kettle Bell Swings 2 pood (~71 lb.)/1.5 pood (~53 lb.)
10 Deadlifts 135 lb./95 lb.
10 Sit Ups

Oh thank god for the sit ups!


You Know What’s Fun? Big Box Jumps. Those are FUN!

Here’s the saddest part of that title.

I actually think that.

I have problems.

Super fun morning at the box. Got some snatching and jumping in, lots of chatter and 80’s music at 8:15 … thanks for bringing the ‘beer’ John!

We are at the end of the deload week and, hopefully, your bodies are feeling good going into the weekend because early next week is 1-rep max time. w00t!

They are going SO fast.

They’re moving so damn fast, you can’t even see them … go jumpers go!”

5 Power Snatches ~ 75% of 1RM
10 Box Jumps – as high as you can go … be sure to push it!

Skill Work
Hang Snatch Pulls
8x 1 @ 110% of 1RM

Have a great weekend! Enjoy Blues and Brews if you’re headed that way and, otherwise, get out and enjoy some of our kick-ass pre-Fall weather. It’s supposed to be nice all weekend … woo hoo :)!


Thursday Deload

Yep, we’re still in a deload and recovery week prior to making a run at some big lifts next week. Embrace it while it lasts.

AMRAP five minutes of Cindy, then run 400m. Then repeat. Score is total rounds and total time.

If you tear the hood off of your favorite jacket prior to the workout, what should you do? Flashdance, of course. Thank you, Lindsay, for the fashion and performance tips.