What we did today!

kettle bell

It Still…Pays to be a winner

Friday fun day is here with a bit more friendly competition.

Burpee ladder. When you’re out, go run a 400.

Last man standing doesn’t have to run, but everyone else runs another 400. Even though you may won, it may hurt more than losing.

Sweet, sweet victory. Woohoo.



Holy moly that was fun.

Warm up
Row 500

Mobility, a lot…
Hip flexor on wall
Hip flexor vs pain ball
Hip flexor vs foam roller
Box shoulder stretch

Work up to 65% of 1rm of shoulder press and then…
6×4 behind the neck press

8 rounds for time
10 deadlift 115/155
8 push ups

Bring your A-game tomorrow, just like every day, because it’s going to be another fun one. 20140710-183716-67036216.jpg




Who did this to us?

Obviously, it was Brian.


Clearly, the neat and orderly handwriting is his, so we can all blame this fun workout on him. Thanks, a lot, Brian!!!




Ooof. Enjoy your rest day in the mountains.

kettle bell

Double under Fun

We all love double unders because when you have them, the workout is very different. When you don’t, the world just sucks until the workout is complete. So, we all have double unders. Woohoo.

HBBS at 55%, 7×3

50 double unders
6 muscle ups
10 v-ups
50 double unders
5 muscle ups
9 v-ups
50 double unders
4 muscle ups
8 v-ups

Rest up. It’s going to be a fun week. And by fun, we mean…something else.


It pays to be a winner

What exactly does that mean? You win, you suffer a bit less. And what a glorious day in the Park for a little friendly competition.

Two minutes max push ups. Winner? Big Mike= no run. Losers? Run a 400

Two minutes max sit ups. We had a tie, so we had a 30 second tie breaker, and the winner? The Joanie. Losers? Run a 400.

35 burpees for time. Winner? Alan. Losers? Run a 400.

And then we were done, until Big John called everyone out as a bunch of sissies…so…we broad jumped across the Park, and then we ran back.

Woohoo!!! What a great day for fun. We hope you all made the most of it. 20140706-163420-59660096.jpg