What we did today!


Rest day


It sure doesn’t look like this here in our piece of paradise, but however you rest on our days off from the gym, make sure you get out and get some of that.

Just a quick reminder for everyone, we are NOT having classes on Friday, July 4 and will resume our regularly scheduled fun, Sunday in the Park at 9am.

Happy Holiday week. It’s getting busy around these here parts we live in. Enjoy it!!!


Weightlifting Tuesday

That is correct. Everyone gets to lift today in order that we get fast and strong. Why would we do that?

Simple. So we can all be more awesome.

Work up to a heavy high hang clean.
6×1 high hang clean

Then alternate between:
5×5 Pendlay Row ahap
5×5 wide grip pull ups

A Facebook gem for all us awesome folks.


Do what?

A common phrase in the south, “do what” was used today to ask about the press. Pressing is good for us in all kinds of ways. So get you s heaping helping of pressing.

Press behind the neck, clean grip 5×4 ahap

Four rounds for time
3 muscle ups
50 double unders

It’s bikini season. Are you ready?20140701-055318-21198814.jpg



Another Sunday Funday

It is so awesome to live here!!! And…we are so lucky to have decided to live in this place.

And the Park workouts are a great place to enjoy our little place in the universe.

30 burpees
Run 400
40 American KB swings
Run 400
50 sledgehammer hits
Run 400
60 leg levers

And check out the intensity!20140629-144101-52861099.jpg

kettle bell


Tuesday means moving lots of weight. At least it does this week. On this Tuesday. Of this year.

10-1 Power cleans 155/105
1-10 Toes to bar

All in our effort to get sKronger and more desirable and more prosperous. Amongst other things.

Take your day off this week to enjoy our beautiful location. The sun is shining, there are bits of brown snow left up high, many of the jeep roads are open and this provides ample opportunity to get outside while it’s not winter here in the high country.

Get some, go again.

For some interesting information about icing and heat and compression, take some time to check out the video with Kelly Starrett of Mobility WOD and CrossFit fame and how we should be treating our injuries. More to follow.