The CrossFit Games…And…

…our own Games. Sign up for the Games and compete with everyone around the world doing the same workouts, including our own team mates here at home.

The gym winner of the Games gets a special prize! One girl and one boy based on the best in the gym. Who’s it going to be?

If you’re tempted to guess who will win, just remember the “constantly varied” portion of our show tends to shuffle the order of finishers each week. Consistency is rewarded, specialty is punished. Doing well each week, or just hanging on during a bad week, can give you the consistency to be top dog at the gym.

So…sign up and get in the game. You never know what workouts will make an appearance.

Warm up with 100 Russian KB Swings. Why all the Kettlebell swings lately? Because we said so. Actually, at least three very good reasons. One, there is good transference between the KB hip extension and the Olympic lifts hip extension. Two, it’s good to practice the KB swing and get better at it. And three, it’s a little bit of extra conditioning that does no harm to the rest of our programming.

The KB swings have been very intentional to our programming.

Olympic warm up with PVC pipe, three times.
Tall snatch 5×3.

Overhead squats 75/55
Toes to Bar

And if you wanted another day of squatting (and really, we all want that), we are at the end of week 10 of our Hatch squat cycle. Who is getting stronger and having a better squat? You never know…Until we post pictures.

See you tomorrow. Go sign up for the Games.


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