Custom Hypoxia CrossFit Games Leaderboard and App

CrossFit HQ has released two fun new things today:

1. A (free) iOS (read: iPhone) app for this year’s game. It allows to you track your scores, news, and …
2. We are able to create a custom leaderboard that is just our affiliate!

The HypoxiaBoard, as it’s called, will be on a new page, titled CrossFit Games, on this site. It also loads up in the free iOS app (note: to have it load up in the app, you do need to sign into your CrossFit account, the one you used to sign up, and be sure that you’ve noted Hypoxia CrossFit is your affiliate).

It’s super fun! All the cool kids will be doing it, too. Don’t be a not-cool kid. Be cool. Get this app and check the board.

Oh, AND GO FREAKING  SIGN UP FOR THE $%*@&#%ing GAMES NOW! (if you haven’t already, that is).

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