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  1. Temple
    Temple says:

    Luckily I got out of my waxing early and was able to make it for FGB. I am already formulating the plan of attack for the next one. Strategy comes into play on this one more than I had considered. It was motivating to see everyone push so hard, I think I heard Alan fart, pretty sure about that. Bring on the next one, let’s get some.

    Oh, sorry I didn’t get a chance to reply to Paul and Levonne’s post earlier. Happy to show you the work. A Brazillian with highlight, very European.

  2. PornStar
    PornStar says:

    Temple, Brazillian with highlight?? I’ll have you know, with Brazillian’s, there is NOTHING left to highlight!!

  3. jd
    jd says:

    I think that he was referring to something else being the “highlight”…. plus, the fact that Brazil is in SOUTH AMERICA not Europe…….

    Now to change the subject completely…..GREAT workout today. I’ve already formulated my goals for the next go round. Can’t wait!

  4. Temple
    Temple says:

    Yes, I was just informed of that by Pom Pom. My damn stylist has been lying to me all this time. So, what is my little runway called? Something cool I hope.
    And Janet, you stop changing the subject. Yeah, great workout, way to push it, blah blah blah. Now let’s back to my crotch.

    Oh and Pom Pom, “European” is the way I felt!

  5. Laurie
    Laurie says:

    O.M.G.! BaaHahaaaha!
    Wish I could have joined the fight yesterday! Heard you all were awesome….
    Hope to be back in action Friday, ready to rock and roll.

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