Fun Friday

It’s hard to imagine that anyone else is as lucky as we are to be in the place that we are. Of course, we all made the decision to be exactly…here. So maybe it’s not that hard to imagine. It is, however, hard to imagine that any place else is a beautiful as out place.

Warm up:
row 500
Olympic warm up
5 hang power cleans + 1 pull ups
5 hang power cleans + 2 pull ups
5 + 3
5 + 4
5 + 5
and then back down to 5 + 1

Five minute Kettelbell snatch test

Mobility for 12 minutes

Our schedule for the next few days is as follows

Sunday, 9 am
December 30, Monday 6 and 8:15
December 31, Tuesday 8:30 am
January 2, Thursday, 8:15
January 3, Friday, 6
January 5, Sunday 9

Of course it’s going to be fun, in case you were wondering. Look for squatting…just a guess.