We have mentioned the information below to a few folks.  Read it, plan it, make it happen.  We are going to compete and so are you.

If the first thought in your head is, “I’m not ready, maybe next year.”  GET OUR OF YOUR OWN WAY AND STEP UP TO THE PLATE…NOW!  In CrossFit, you are always ready and you always have a weakness to work on.  Going to have the fun of competing against yourself and others is a different experience you don’t get every day.  Test your mental and physical mettle and see what you have.  It’s going to be a fun weekend.

And in the perfect example of accomplishing more than you thought capable, but doing what we know is possible, Jill just knew she was months away from a pull up.  Well, yesterday, she was able to get a pull up without the band and went on to get five of them.  Congratulations, Jill.  We are proud of your hard work.

You all asked for it. Well, here it is.

We had so many masters athletes request that we have a masters category at
the 2011 Colorado Open that we have made a completely separate event.

Front Range CrossFit will be hosting a two-day, masters athlete only
competition. And like every other sport, we are starting the age groups at
35 years of age. The programming will be similar to the Colorado Open
programming. It will be inclusive, but challenging. We will be scaling the
weights used for the different age groups. And of course we will allow
further scaling on an individual basis, but that will eliminate that athlete
from overall contention. Like we do with the Colorado Open, we will be
posting all of the potential exercises with the max weights that we will use
prior to open registration.

We are hoping that we will attract masters athletes from throughout the
CrossFit Community, not just Colorado masters athletes. The 2011 Colorado
Open sold out in 8 days. We expect this event to sell out just as fast, so
please pass the word to whomever you think would be interested in competing
against athletes their own age.

Further details will be made public soon, but here is what we know.

FRCF Master’s Championships
September 17th and 18th
180 athletes
Age groups: 35-39, 40-44 ,45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60+
Prizes for each age group – 1st, 2nd, 3rd – with an overall male and female
4 workouts spread over two days
$85 registration fee
Registration opens on August 1st