PR City!!!

So, the greatness of todays squatting workout is we are programmed based on a progressive overload scheme call the Hatch Cycle. And this is only the 10th week of a 12 week program. Everyone who tried the lift at 103% of your one rep max High Bar Back Squat achieved a new PR. Super Awesome!

In addition, take a look at a few pictures below. Chris is one of our consistent Disciples of the Iron. Today in one session, she PR’d first, her clean and jerk, and then went on to PR her squat clean. WooHoo. Way to go Chris. Your willingness to work on your weaknesses have paid off and become strengths. IMG_1857


Pretty darn fine first pull and real darn fine extension. Is she going to challenge Hollee Mangold for her spot on the next Olympic Team? Probably not, but she has more weight to move because she has improved her form. Great work, Chris.

Speaking of Hollee Mangold, check out her drive on the jerk that landed her a spot on the Olympic team.holley-jerk-drive

Don’t forget to work on the essential skills required to be athletic. Hip extension. Rear wheel drive. Balance. Coordination. Flexibility. You know, the basics.

The CrossFit Games workout 14.1 is announced in a few hours. Until then, here is an article about hip extension and drive. Enjoy. See you tomorrow.