There are some huge changes going forward.

The coaches all met and decided that CrossFit has run its course. There’s really nothing else it can offer us. After much discussion, debate and deliberation, we realized the way forward in Prancercise, henceforth to be referred to as PrancerFit (TM, copyright, all rights reserved, IMOCSUS patent pending).

To help you prepare for this evolution, please review the following instructional video:

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  1. Kimburly
    Kimburly says:

    OMG I’m all in when do we start! Sunday in the park? Kendra can you do our hair like that? Look how thin she is-it must really work. Glenn and I want to start right away.

  2. La Vonne
    La Vonne says:

    Can’t wait to see our fine coaches demonstrate for us…. especially you Craig and Brian! Make sure you wear the tight white pants… ????

  3. alan
    alan says:

    This is truly awesome!!! Thanks Craig for providing the visual about our new phase of programming. It’s really no different than what we are already doing. WooHoo

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