Rest Day

Yesterday was the “Ramblin at the Reservoir,” Kool-ade drinker “RickyBobby” PR’ed and finished ahead of previously faster runners!!!!!
ALL of Ricky’s dedication and hard work is paying off and we are so PROUD! Nice Job!!!!!!  Make no mistake.  This happened because Ricky works hard, knows what he wants, and won’t let anyone tell him he can’t do something.  In fact, we have watched people tell him something is not possible, and soon after, miraculously (to others), it is possible. The fighting spirit is alive in Ricky.

“The only way of finding the limits of the possible, is by going beyond them into the impossible.”                        Arthur C. Clarke


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  1. Temple
    Temple says:

    Like Tammy, I got all teary eyed..Just kidding, real men don’t cry. Great effort and dedication to being the best that you can be. Just think of the gains you will make in the next year, unstopable. Way to go RickyBobby!

  2. Faith
    Faith says:

    Congratulations Ricky! Hard work does pay off and determination is worth more that people give it credit for! Way to chase your goals down!

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