Once a month, we offer a 9AM Yoga class for our members. The Saturday on which it falls does change each month, it will always be at 9 AM.

How Many?

In order for the yoga class to occur, we are requiring that, at least, four people sign up for it ahead of time. While you do not have to sign up to attend, know that if at least four (4) people do not sign up, class will be cancelled for that weekend and possibly the month.

But How Will I Know When?

This is actually pretty simple. There are 3 ways the information is disseminated.

  1. In a blog post on this website. However, the yoga posts are specially tagged so that they will stay in the right-hand side bar under the section “Latest News“.
  2. On our gym’s calendar, which is also connected to this site. It’s the Classes & Fees link in the top navigation bar.
  3. A clipboard will be placed near the WOD whiteboard in the gym. This clipboard will, starting later this month, contain the proposed class date and sign up options.

You may notice that we did not say one of the options for knowing where it is will be on the whiteboard itself. The reason is that the whiteboard is not for announcements … it’s for the WODs. Yes, we do sometimes put informational items on there but these are ephemeral and not intended to be permanent. As such, the 3 above options are the best places to go to know when yoga is happening.

How Do I Sign Up?

There are two (2) accepted ways to sign up for the class:

  1. Sign up on the clipboard in the gym (see #3, above).
  2. Enter a comment on the monthly blog post (see #1, above) announcing the class’ date.

It’s just that easy.