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Gymnastic skills and strength in the same day.  Yep.

This past weekend I heard Coach Glassman describe our program succinctly.  “We are preparing for the unknown, and the unknowable.”  Is there any doubt why CrossFit is utilized by special operators, military and law enforcement, and first responders?  Ready for anything at any time?  Or do we specialize?

Are you a gym superhero or are you preparing for something specific?  One of the great things about our program is that with a few minor modifications, we can achieve both.

Today’s workout:

Ring L-sit holds, max 2 seconds each, 20 seconds total.

Deadlift, 5-5-5

Press, 5-5-5

l sits 003l sits 005

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  1. Pacie
    Pacie says:

    Post of a Frustrated CrossFitter:

    I’ve been doing our lifts for a long time and haven’t seen a big increase in the amount of weight I am able to move. I feel like it’s not a form issue. I realize that I have a pretty small frame to work with but see other ladies my size making progress so much more quickly.
    When I ask friends what they think most say I need to eat more protein, some say I need to concentrate on consuming more fats. I’ve also been told that, if I have no weight to loose, my diet should be pretty rich in good carbs to build a healthy balance of nutrients in my body. So what is it? Alan says what I eat is good but I don’t eat enough of it. How many times a day can one eat? My goodness. For the last 3 weeks I feel like I do nothing but eat, prepare to eat or clean up after eating. :)
    Kevin suggested I add more protein to my protein. So if I’m going to make myself a burger patty I mix in an egg with the beef and add some almond meal to the mix, Then you’re really eating the same sized portion but getting over a third more protein. Seems like a fine idea. Maybe adding egg white powder to smoothies is good because then I’m still getting the carbs but not skipping the protein. Not to be negative; I know what I’m eating is good for my performance in the gym, but I’m pretty sick of eating meat and eggs right now.
    Anyone have any comments, ideas, suggestions or wisdom to share?

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