Some People will do Anything…

…To avoid squatting. Chris made the opportunity during the days before Christmas and after the previous squat session to make sure she cannot squat for a couple of weeks…


Ouch! Seriously, though, we hope you feel better soon, Chris. And we’re glad you still have a sense of humor after the crash landing. And to everyone else…she still hasn’t missed a workout.

Chris, you are awesome!

Today was squatastic as we move into the second week of this cycle.

1×10 at 60%
1×8 @ 65%
1×6 @ 70%
1×6 @ 75%
1×6 @ 80%

Front Squat
1×5 @ 60%
1×5 @ 65%
1×5 @ 70%
1×5 @ 70%


Tomorrow we have one class as 6 am, which leaves a ton of time to go play in the snow.

And in a slight revision, we WILL have class Sunday morning at 9. It will be super fun, so don’t miss it. And by super fun, we mean…