Soon, a new year and a new challenge

Get ready…

January is a time when we traditionally focus on new goals and challenges, and we’re here to help. We have 22 days in January in which we have classes.

Our January challenge? Get 20 workouts over the course of the month. Don’t forget, we also have open gym on the three of the Wednesdays, every Tuesday and Thursday evening, and on Monday nights, we have Olympic lifting class. And remember where we live? Get outside and play in the snow and you get credit as a workout.

Get the most workouts and you’ll be crowned the king or queen of the gym. Get all 20 and earn a prize.

We will have a sheet up beside the whiteboard where we can all keep track of each other’s progress. And to get us started off right, remember that we have a New Year’s Day work out at 9 AM.