Stretchy MacGhee Is Coming to Town

Come on down to the box this Saturday, February 23, at 9 AM and enjoy 90 minutes of the most boring exciting stretching you’ll ever do, led by noted Yoghurt server yoga teacher, Maureen.

Did someone say 90 minute Shavasana? Hells yeah, you know I would CRUSH that!

Because nothing is simple in my house, Her Royal Heinyass, wanted me to ask a few questions to the group so she can better prepare for Saturday. Please answer the following questions in the comments of this post ONLY IF YOU ARE COMING SATURDAY!!!!!!!!! (note the 75 exclamation marks … that means the preceding words are important)

  1. Do you own a yoga mat?
  2. What is your experience with yoga? (None, Some, Lots, What the Eff is Yoga?)
  3. Rate your flexibility on a scale of Josh to Maureen. (Josh: I can’t touch my toes – Maureen: I can bend my body into a pretzel and then go walk up Camp Bird Road on my hands)
  4. What do you hope to gain from this? (flexibility, mobility, strength, relaxation, the opportunity to mock Alan while he’s stretching, Other)

Thanks, all!

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  1. Extra credit
    Extra credit says:

    I don’t have a mat, am somewhat flexible (but it has been 2 months!). I am really going to try to be there! Thanks Maureen?

  2. Ruth
    Ruth says:

    I have a mat.

    Some experience.

    Flexibility of an old carrot. (i.e. bendy to a point at then… snap) Ok make that, I can touch the middle of my shins any day and the floor (barely) most days.

    Stretchy-ness, mocking of Alan is always a nice addition, give Craig some shit for breaking his knee. Maybe a nap. And to finally see all you people again! Jeeze it’s been a while!

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