Mobility: roll your feet, roll your glutes and hams


Squat 5/3/1+  Go big today on your squats.


10 Thrusters 55/75, 50 double unders.  Rest two minutes.

20 Thrusters, 75 double unders.

Peter stopped by today while on break from school.  Great to have you here, dude, and hope to see you Sunday.

AND THEN:  Motivational consequences…

The 6am class didn’t find the map for returning the equipment to its proper place.  Really?  I know, I couldn’t believe it either.  Oh, well, burpees should cure this issue…just a guess.

And then:

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  1. Faith
    Faith says:

    For those of you working on your double unders, notice the position of both Joanie and Alan in the air. They are straight up and down. They do not have their knees pulled up to their waist, and their hips are not piked! Hmmmm……

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