Vroom Vroom! Go big

The Calm Before the Storm

Tomorrow is going to be a heavy deadlift day, so we dialed it back a bit today. Just a bit though … because we’re awesome bad-ass CrossFitters.

Remember, when you deadlift tomorrow go Dusty Lee … and since I don’t have a photo of Dusty Lee handy, just think of the kind of car Dusty would drive and vroom vroom that shit off the floor ;).

Vroom Vroom! Go big

Vroom Vroom! Go big

But, before we get all deadlifty tomorrow, we done did a little of this today:

5 High Bar Back Squat 185/115
3 Muscle Ups*
20 Leg Levers
10 Superman

* No Muscle Ups? No problem. Just do 9 Pull Ups and 9 Ring Dips instead

Olympic Lifting Class
10x 1 Clean & Jerk @ 85% of 1RM

Extra (maybe in the PM)
10x 2 Snatch @ 55% of 1RM