What inspires you?

I think about this frequently.  Everyone is different.  What inspires you?

The post below is from the CrossFit 324 site.  And, yes, Fight Gone Bad is coming to your place of pain Tuesday.  Nothing like seeing it coming and knowing there is nothing you can do to get out of the way.  Fight or flight?  Take your pick.  I’m ready for a fight.

This inspires me.  Thanks, Mike.

“To some people it’s just a work out, a social gathering, a way to raise money for your affiliate, meet people, or whatever else the English do to pass time until they die. To others it’s a serious endeavor, an opportunity to dissect themselves, to go into the dark little corner of their soul and get their hands dirty. It’s an opportunity to bridge the gap between mind and body, a tight collaboration between two allies that, together, are stronger than if one or the other were the sole perpetrator.

The work out is pretty simple really. The heaviest weight lifted is 75 pounds.  After doing thrusters with 95 pounds who can’t do a respectable number of wall balls with 20 pounds? 24 inch box jumps; not so bad right? Row for calories. Together these ostensibly simple pursuits form a shit storm that nothing less than pure mettle can overcome. The first of five movements on the first round will put you in the red. Then, it’s damage control until you have time to breathe. One minute isn’t enough time to recuperate. You’ll be provided with ample opportunity to roll over, to acquiesce, to succumb to self-preservation, to die inside and make excuses, to justify and rationalize your unexpected performance.

To succeed tomorrow you have to come together on the inside. Consolidate your reasons for doing what you do. Carve your motivation into your guts. Open the door to pain. Don’t wait for it to knock. Set the table and invite it to breakfast. Running will only multiply its effects. If you aren’t going to war tomorrow then you aren’t going anywhere. This isn’t just a workout. It’s a once in a lifetime chance to meet your maker, to take responsibility for who you are and why you’re here. If your name were in the dictionary then tomorrow will be your opportunity to write the definition.”

Are you in, or out?  The choice is yours.  See you Tuesday.


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  1. Temple
    Temple says:

    I want some!
    Sadly I am getting a manicure, a light waxing and hitting the tanning booth tomorrow.
    But if I was there I would so own FGB.
    Get some.

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