Thanks to our friends at CrossFit Jax for the following philosophies regarding who we are, what we do, what to expect from us and what we expect of you. We made only slight modifications.

The truth is that we ask a lot of our members. If you are so bold to engage yourself in this lofty endeavor then there should be a clear understanding of what we are prepared to impart and what you, the member, should be prepared to encounter.


The programming at Hypoxia is more than a fitness program. You may not realize this at the moment but in time the attitude required to not only survive but to excel will migrate to other areas of your life.


We do not have all of the answers. No one does. We have a modest amount of experience and knowledge coupled with a sincere desire to impart our knowledge and experience to those who can derive some benefit. What does this mean to you, the end user? It means that you agree to open your mind to our ideas and methodology, take the initiative to learn and not always be lead, and share any valuable information with your teammates and fellow athletes. This is an open source regimen. We promise to give you everything we have and ask you to do the same.


We have no secrets and no problem with honesty. As a matter of fact, honesty is an important component in providing accurate feedback. We will not sugarcoat your assessment. It is incumbent on you to learn from the feedback and make corrections. We will make a point to exploit your weaknesses. You have the option to make your weaknesses your strengths or continue being mediocre with the realization and understanding that you will never know your true potential.


We can’t run this gym by ourselves and this is the truth. At least we can’t run it according to our vision. We need you to take ownership of the gym. If you are in our gym then our gym is your gym. Treat it like it is your own. Learn how it operates. Replace everything better than you found it. Again, this is your gym too. We are nothing more than your humble guides on a forlorn journey into uncharted territory.


A continuation of the previous passage. Why would character be important? We need to trust our members.Trusting our members and working with a group of like-minding people dedicated to giving one hundred percent every time, every workout, fosters an environment in which we achieve what others think unobtainable.


Know why you are here. We want quality; not quantity.


Our vision is to create a well-oiled machine that takes on a life of its own. The principles of safety, efficacy, and efficiency guide our methodology. We don’t want to hurt anyone, we employ only the most potent of stimuli, and we want results yesterday. It’s never too late to start anything but this should not be a deterrent to starting. After all, it is only after starting that we can agree on this absurd truth. The bottom line is that you have to make up for lost time, lack of form, and lots of conventional wisdom. You will learn and unlearn much on your journey.


We ask that you storm through every workout as though it is the last; that you overcome the desire to default to self-preservation; that you have no regrets nor doubts as to the effort that you employ while training.


It’s a natural part of physical adaptation and mental comprehension. Let every workout take you to somewhere you have never been and leave a different person than when you walked in the door.


Imagine standing at a long dark corridor while surrounded by fear and doubt nearly subdued by the pain. Regardless who you are, this is where the test begins. Hunched over and gasping for air as though the physical stress isn’t enough we add our own stresses i.e. fear, doubt and panic. We begin to question the nature of our participation, deciding mid-stride that it may be too difficult, that I may not belong here, that the pain is unbearable and that it would be better to disappear. Discomfort sets in and our defenses diminish blow after proverbial blow as mental and physical fatigue forces us to reflect, to ask ourselves if we know the person who is considering quitting. This is the moment of decision, the time to conquer or succumb to the wretched squalor of defeat. Don’t let your mind and body betray you because as we grow stronger, fear and doubt grow weaker.


We utilize only the most potent stimuli (exercises) because of their ability to produce the most results. Herein lies the problem. The best exercises, movements etc. are very painful, especially if performed at the required intensity i.e. 100mph. If it were easy and pain-free, then everyone would do it and everyone would be fit. So what accounts for the difference between us and them? Whether we agree or not, the fact is that we have been conditioned to generate the majority of our responses. One such response is that of pain, i.e. avoiding it. We believe there is value to be found in pain, especially exercise, competition, or whether it be nature induced. That level of pain determines whether you win or lose, live or die.


By joining our family, you agree to the following laws – this is a no drama house. We are serious about one thing, that is, improvement in all 10 facets of fitness. We demand more however. We want to see you choke on your lungs and spit up your heart. We are pushing perseverance, diligence, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to excellence in every word, thought, and breath. This endeavor is not for everyone. Make sure you know why you are here and understand that if you get caught pushing any negativity, or drama you will be asked to leave. Follow these simple guidelines – put your fear and doubt in a little box and stuff it in your closet, put on your game face, and go somewhere you have never been.