Whatever you do, never take reps or movements away from Joanie … or else!

About Joanie
I have always been an avid outdoor exercise fanatic.  I love living in Ouray not only for the great community but also because I can step out my door and be running or hiking or biking for hours in the wonderful mountains.  As much as I love my outdoor time, in April of 2008 I was the mother of three small children, was pressed for time.  I was looking for something “different” ( and faster). Much to my delight, Alan and Faith came to town and opened a “box”.  I have been a devoted attendee ever since.  I still hate to miss a workout.

I am delighted to finally make the leap to coach and am looking forward to tomorrow’s WOD and getting stronger with my fellow box mates.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (March 2014)