Benchmark Saturday

Lots of us earned our reward by coming out to play and completing at least two Benchmark Saturday workouts. Some even completed four or five workouts during the event. Check out the board and see which of your team mates came out and got the extra work. We had 16 people at the gym getting their extra work on!

If you missed it, you will have more chances for earning rewards for special challenges. What is our December Challenge? Only a few more days before you get to see what is on the big board.

Here is your opportunity to earn a reward. If you only completed one of the Benchmark Saturday workouts, we will have one more opportunity to get in and do a workout you have been thinking about completing. This Saturday, December December 3 at 9 am, we will have the gym open for anyone wanting to get that first, second, third, or fourth workout in. Did you get one and need one more to earn the reward? THIS IS YOUR ONLY CHANCE. STEP UP AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Are you in the arena or are you in the stands. Fortune Favors the Bold.