Sunday in the Park

Way back when CrossFit was young and hard to find, we had a monthly gathering at a park in Jacksonville. We endured the heat, the sun, the ants, and the gnats.

Luckily, we don’t have all those negatives here in Paradise. And we get to play every week in an organized outdoor workout.

At our Park workouts, TJ Cooper was out leader and he started the third Crossfit affiliate in the world. We are somewhere in the top one thousand, and there are currently something like 6,000 affiliates world wide.

The Park never gets old. It’s fun, it’s outside, and it’s community. And when we feel like it, we go squat after the Park workout. Why? Because you don’t let your friends NOT squat. We all need to squat. And we all need friends and community. It’s just better that way.

School begins next week and all of our routines will change again. So, set some time aside for yourself, be a little selfish, and be a part of this community of fun.

Get out and stay young. You have one shot at this life. Don’t squander it.