SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESNo conversion necessary. That’s a run time for some of us, or just one of us. And because school has just begun for the new year, it may take some new math to determine that the actual time it took to run the two mile river course is actually 17 minute and some certain amount of seconds. And I don’t understand new math, so I just use the clock.

It is important to note, however, that new math, old math, reps completeted, and reps required can be influenced by the state of mind caused by the workout. So as much fun as it is to point out others workout foibles, it is important to remember that we have all done something similar. And because we have, we may as well pile on when we see others make the same effort mistakes.


First, we benchpress, 6×2 at 80%

Run two miles.

Enjoy the mountains.

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