The Chief

We did The Chief last month, and it’s time to test it again.

Five rounds
3 minute AMRAP
3 power cleans 135/95
6 push ups
9 squats
Rest one minute
Today’s goal is to do more reps than last month. We gave you some strategy suggestions this go around so you could get more reps and rounds. Pacing could work for you. If you didn’t like today’s outcome, you’ll see The Chief again so make your notes and keep track of what you think will work better next time.

And even better, we went to Telluride and skied today. It was a fun day for everyone who came out. If you didn’t make it today…well, you missed out. And you live in a mountain town, which happens to be in the mountains, and we enjoy lifestyle opportunities many don’t. Take advantage of your fitness and our locale and the fun that is at our doorstep. Chances are you won’t grow old and wish you had worked more.

See you Sunday. Get out tomorrow and enjoy your Saturday.