Deck O’ Cards, Core Edition

It was freaking chilly in Ouray today (36-degrees at 9), so we stayed indoors.

I love these sort of WODs on Sundays. While they’re a good amount of work, they are more light-hearted and conducive to talking … and shit-talking. Most importantly, they do no harm to our overall weekly plans and goals.

Deck O’ Cards, Core Edition
Hearts – Burpees*
Diamonds – Mountain Climbers (2-count)
Spades – Flutter Kicks (4-count)
Clubs – Sit Ups
Jokers – 11 Pull Ups

Aces – 11, Face cards – 10.

And, yes, you use the ENTIRE deck of cards.

*Kevin saw some dumb-ass burpee variation on the Interwebs where, instead of a little jump and clapping the hands over the head, you jump high and pull your knees to your chest. Sucked. If I only I had any sort of willpower to say no to these ideas.

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