Rest Day

Whatcha doing today?

Having fun? Trying something new?  Doing something you love?  Making the most of the day?  Trying to get it all in?

Better get after it.  Rumor has it that tomorrow will have a few being entertained at the Park in turnouts carrying air tanks and heavy objects.  Our sources are very suspect, though.

Make it a great day.

2 replies
  1. Craig Kaminsky
    Craig Kaminsky says:

    Those sources are suspect, indeed :)! I’ll tell you what I’m doing today … resting for a very special morning tomorrow. Woo-hoo!!!! Getting pumped!

  2. Nacho Libre
    Nacho Libre says:

    “I’m not nearly as excited about tomorrow as you are”. Quote from one of tomorrow’s victims. I’m giddy with anticipation.

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