Rest Day Announcements

First, enjoy the day. Even with the intermittent rain.

Second. With the holiday weekend, we are making the command decision to not have Sunday in the Park class, and we will not have classes on Monday. We will resume our regular schedule on Tuesday morning at 6 am.

Third. Make plans to get out Sunday and Monday for some fun. Summer is coming to a close, or so the weather is telling us. The leaves are changing and the tourists are not as plentiful. Enjoy your mountains.

Fourth. Our own Joshie has broken his leg by falling off a ladder. But don’t fret, he’s a “tough old bastard” per himself. He did request a modified workout while he’s healing and we MAY oblige. We may just tell him to suck it up, buttercup. Seriously, call Josh and Barb and help em out. We all need a little help now and again.