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Special Help

So Faith has been working very diligently on her one armed handstand and is trying to finalize the tiny details to make it perfect.  She called in gymnastic expert and friend Jeff Tucker to help her.

Wait a minute.  That’s Mark Rippetoe!  Has Mark gone gymnastic on us?  What the heck?

Mark was visiting the area and is spending a few days enjoying the mountains and checking out the local sites, including what he has been told is the most delicious cinnamon bun on the planet, in Montrose.

Great seeing you, Mark.  And thanks for helping with that handstand.

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  1. Faith
    Faith says:

    I forgot to ask him how the cinnamon bun actually was. I’m not sure I would drive all the way from Texas for a cinnamon bun, but I might drive all the way TO Texas for some BBQ!

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